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Tanisha Kalra

Tanisha, 15, answers a few questions about life with an artificial eye.

Q: What do you think about your artificial eye?

A: Realistic, awesome, easy to manage.

Q: How easy is it to take out and put back in?

A: Fairly easy now that I do it myself but used to dread it when I was young.

Q: When did you start to look after your artificial eye yourself?

A: 12yrs

Q: Who do you ask to help you if you need help?

A: Mum

Q: Do you do anything special which helps you to look after it?

A: Wash it 2-3 times a month and sometimes wipe it with a wet tissue.

Q: Do you have any tips you would tell someone who has a new artificial eye?

A: Not to freak out if your Mum/Dad wants to remove it for you. Wear sunglasses when you can. If it feels agitated then wash it.

Dealing with having an artificial eye in school

Q: How do you deal with any negative comments?

A: I ignored them and carried on as normal but in hindsight would have said do you want to learn more about it so you understand.

Q: Do you have any tips to tell parents of a child who is about to start school?

A: Inform the teachers and headmaster and provide them with basic training on what to do if the eye was to fall out or turn.  Also give them your contact number and give your child some tissues to keep with them at all times in case of discharge or if the eye was to fall out so the child could cover it until it had been put back in.

Q: Is there anything you like about coming to clinic?

A: Meeting friendly people who are there to help.

Q: Is there anything you don’t like about coming to clinic?

A: Drops!
The time it takes.

Q: Is there anything you think will be important to you in the future to do with Rb?

A: Learn more about the genetics.

Q: Do you do anything different about taking care of yourself?  Do you find it difficult following this and joining in with your friends?

A: No, but a bit more careful with contact sport.

Q:  Is there anything which you have found challenging to do because of your artificial eye?

A: Make up.
Parents being a little over protective.

Q:  Do you think there is an incident which has happened to you that makes you think having had rb was an advantage?

A: Not really other than appreciating life more and that my parents spoil me!