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Christmas cards 2014



Christmas cards


Do you have a school fayre, jumble sale or coffee morning coming up where you could sell CHECT Christmas  cards?


We can mail you a bundle of 20/25 cards (one large padded bag) or more to sell to raise funds and awareness of CHECT.


On average each assorted pack contains between £60-£70 worth of CHECT cards.  Each  individual pack of 10 cards averages between £1.50 - £2.00 profit for CHECT.




Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of your event and where to send the bundles to. We do not ask for payment for the cards in advance.


Art4Eyes gallery

The Gift of Wonderment, by Mark Skirving

Mark Skirving - the Gift of Wonderment

Size: 100cm x 40cm
Edition: Original
Medium: Oils & acrylics on canvas


Mark Skirving is an established artist with a love of the history of Western art. Mark began painting in 2003 and is now well established selling many works through galleries, exhibitions and commissions by collectors in Great Britain, Europe, South Korea, Argentina, US and Canada.




'Splosh' by Daniel Pincham-Phipps

Splosh by Daniel Pincham-Phipps

Size: 6ft x 4ft
Edition: Original artwork copied from comic strip by same artist
Medium: Gloss on calico

Fine artist Daniel started his career as an illustrator at DC Thomson bringing to life characters including Billy Whizz and Dennis the Menace.  Daniel has donated three artworks to Art4Eyes the first “Splosh” is a recreation of one of his original pages from the Beano. More recently Daniel has exhibited fine artwork in Europe.

All Beano characters are reproduced with the permission of DC Thomson













'Bash Street Kids' by Daniel Pincham-Phipps

Bash Street Kids by Daniel Pincham-Phipps

Size: 65cm x 58cm
Edition: Original
Medium: Oil on canvas

“Bash St Kids” shows the famous characters against a backdrop of Daniel’s amazing fine artwork.

All Beano characters are reproduced with the permission of DC Thomson













'Dennis, Gnasher and Walter' by Daniel Pincham-Phipps

Daniel Phipps

Size: 76cm by 76cm
Edition: Original (2014)
Medium: Oil on canvas

This is Daniel’s most recent piece created for this auction and inspired by all the families and children he met at CHECT’s members weekend.











The Eye by Brett Day

the Eye by Brett Day

Size: A4
Edition: Original
Medium: Airbrush paint on paper

Brett has donated “The Eye” to our exhibition as the subject matter was so close to the charity’s heart.

This is an Airbrush picture of his daughter's eye.

Brett started painting at 42 and has now sold artworks around the world, making a name for himself as an expert spray paint artist.  He also has several tutorial films available on YouTube and now appears weekly in his own TV show on Mustard.





Lefteri Milking by Lucy Willis

Lucy Willis - Lefteri Miling

Size: 37cm x 28cm
Edition: Original, 1989
Medium: Watercolour on paper

Trained at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford, Lucy Willis RWA has exhibited widely, with over 20 one-man shows in London since 1979. She is a regular contributor to many group exhibitions including those at the Mall Galleries in London and the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol where she was elected a member.







Eternal Flame by Julia Everett

Eternal Flame by Julia Everett

Size: 50x50cm 
Edition: Original painting
Medium: oil and acrylic on canvas

Julia is an abstract landscape painter living by the Thames in Hammersmith, West London, a location that inspires a lot of her  work. Her use of  vivid colours, combined with the influence of  music, produce vibrant and dynamic paintings.  Julia graduated in Fine Art at  Brighton University and  has successfully  exhibited  in the  UK,  Europe  and  America. Julia  regularly exhibits at  the Affordable  Art  Fair  in Battersea, London  with  Art Star  and many of her paintings are in private collections.










Red haired girl in the park by Beatrice Ajayi

Red haired girl in the park by Beatrice Ajayi

Size: 6 x 6 inch and 1.5 inch deep
Edition: original
Medium: acrylic, inks, collage

Beatrice Ajayi is an artist/illustrator/writer a wife and mother of two. After completing an art foundation course at Croydon College in Surrey, she went on to do a BA (Hons) degree at Nottingham Trent University in 2000. It was a time full of artistic experimentation with the tools of her trade, pen, ink,acrylic and collage.










Collider / cadmium mandala by Chuck ElliotChuck Elliott Collider

Size - 60cm diameter
Edition - Unique studio proof
Medium - Lambda photographic print on Kodak Endura


British contemporary artist Chuck Elliot's practice is concerned with a fluid investigation of colour, movement and light. Entirely computer generated, free form shapes are cropped, recoloured and enhanced as if editing in a camera view. Hovering between print making and photography, these pure colour fields retain a clarity that belies the source. The images are produced as Lambda photographic prints.

Chuck regularly exhibits at fairs and galleries around the globe and most recently at Bath Fashion Week and the London Book Fair.







Radial/Three/Pearlescent by Chuck Elliot

Chuck Elliot

Size - 80cm diameter
Edition - Unique studio proof
Medium - Lambda photographic print












Inner Helix by Kenn Raaf

Size 24" x 48"Reflections by Ken Raaf
Edition - Original
Medium - Mixed On Canvas - *Mixed Media = (wire, paper, metal, sand, paster) with Acrylic/Metalic/Oil/Enamel)

Kenn Raaf is a self-proclaimed disruptor - artist, sculptor, visual-spatial manipulator - abstracting the extraordinary from life experiences. He is an experimental visual artist working through multiple mediums focused on pushing and expanding beyond the edges of common perception to capture the essence, passion, and movement of his subjects.

Since 2000, he has studied painting, design and sculpture and has been creating visual work on canvas, paper and panel using mixed media, acrylic, oil, encaustic, glass, metal, and found objects. He works heavily in a constructive / desconstructive manner to build up multiple layers, then tear them down to explore unique imagery throughout each piece. He also works in sculpture and focuses on medium scale abstract  works utilizing composite, metal, glass, recycled materials, bronze, metal and paint.















Ice Age Horse by Billy Childish

Ice age horse by Billy childish

Size: 14.5 cm long x 8 cm high x 3 cm wide

Edition: number 12/31
Medium: Solid Bronze

Since 1977 Billy Childish has released over 150 independent LP’s, published 5 novels and over 45 collections of poetry, but his main job is painting. He has had solo and group exhibitions internationally including New York, London, Seoul and Berlin. He was included in British Art Show 5, which toured throughout four cities - Edinburgh, Southampton, Cardiff, and Birmingham. In 2010, he was the subject of major concurrent survey exhibitions at the ICA in London and White Columns in New York, and in 2011 he became Artist in Residence at the Chatham Historic Dockyard where he currently works.



Suffolk Valley by Gilli Primrose

Size: TBC Suffolk Valley by Gilli Primrose
Edition: Original
Medium: Watercolour

Gilli Primrose currently lives in Wivenhoe, Essex, and is a grandmother to five children. Her artistic journey began as a sculptor before Gilli was encouraged to move into painting by the great-great-great grandson of John Constable. She has been painting with watercolours and oils ever since for pleasure, a hobby that has also seen Gilli appear on Watercolour Challenge on Channel 4.














Through My Eyes by Sarah Phipps

Sarah Phipps

Size: 28.5" x 22.5"

Edition: Original
Medium: Graphite pencil

Sarah is a self taught portrait artist from Bromyard, Herefordshire who began drawing in high school five years ago when she was 15 years old. This year she took up the challenge to become a self employed artist and so far has had great success. She is receiving orders from all around the country and has also had a portrait she drew of Marilyn Monroe published in 'Marilyn Monroe: An Icon in Modern Art' by M Suzanne Macon.





Sheltered Thoughts by Charlie O'Sullivan

Charlie O'Sullivan

Size: 20cm by 20cm
Edition - Original
Medium - Acrylic on Wood

Charlie O'Sullivan is one of the brightest new talents to emerge amongst South West artists. She has always been influenced by her northern upbringing and love of the sea. Now living in West Devon she is greatly inspired by windswept coves and moorland in Devon and Cornwall. Her work has become a fusion of images , stories and experiences, past and present. This can straddle a multitude of happenings such as walks, her children, music or poetry melded with a landscape or event.







Harbourside by Andrew Hood

Andrew Hood


Size: 50cm by 44cm
Edition - Original
Medium - Oil on board

Andrew Hood was born in 1964 and brought up in Edinburgh until his family settled in Cheshire. Initially he worked as a graphic designer until he returned to college to study for a degree in illustration at John Moores University. As a student he won the Gorstella Award for fine art and the Liverpool life painting open. On graduating he was asked to participate in a group show at the Gorstella Gallery, Chester and since has mainly worked as a fine artist though he still accepts commisions as an illustrator.

Andrew makes several trips abroad each year to gather reference for his painting. Recent journeys have taken him to Tuscany, the South of France, Morocco and Croatia. Whilst he enjoys working abroad he often looks for beauty within our own diverse and engaging landscape from the Scottish Highlands to the rugged Cornish coastline.

Andrews work has regularily been accepted for the RWA Autumn Show and this year was selected to show in the RHA annual exhibition. He is an annual exhibitor at the London Art Fair, Art Holland and has recently exhibited at the Oriel Gallery, Ireland, Beaux Arts, Bath and the Weifhaus Gallery near Eindhoven.



Bosco Owl by Tatiana Boiko

Tatiana Boiko


Size: 11.7 x 16.5
Edition - Original (2014)
Medium - Watercolour and Ink

My name is Tatiana Boiko and I was born in Russia 24 years ago. I started painting at age 9 and have never looked back. I paint for myself and for sale, I exhibit my works here in Russia and send them all over the world. I also teach children and use art therapy for children with learning disorders. I really believe that art is something much more than pictures you can put on your wall.



Pear Secret by Tatiana Boiko

Tatiana Boiko


Size: 11.7 x 16.5
Edition - Original (2014)
Medium - Watercolour and Ink













Masked by Sue E Palmer

Sue Palmer


Size: 16" by 16"
Edition - 2/40 (2013)
Medium - Mixed Media Digital

Sue E Palmer's background is in design, illustration and photography. She has a particular interest in capturing the human soul through portraiture. She currently lives in Essex with her two children and her photographer partner.





In The Belly Of The Canary by Craig Gorham

Craig Gorham


Size: 36cm by 54cm (A2 framed)
Edition - 3/30 (2012)
Medium - Photography

Craig Gorham is a photographer from Essex. He specialises in exploring urban landscapes and finding beauty in unlikely places. A key signature of his work is waiting for that split second when busy places appear deserted.






Trying For Flight by Jane Peart

Jane Peart


Size: 33cm x 44cm
Edition - 9/50 (2012)

I was born in London and studied illustration at Ealing School of Art where I graduated with distinction in 1975. I worked in a design studio in London before moving to Oxford in 1978. Having previously worked as an illustrator, I took up printmaking 15 years ago and now specialise in copper plate etching. Using the medium of etching I can achieve a great strength of line and fine detail and create a range of tone from dark areas to light delicate highlights. This gives me huge scope in achieving the affect I want in my prints. I find inspiration from travels both in the UK and abroad and also enjoy making images of animals and birds. When making my prints my aim is to evoke the atmosphere of the place that inspires me or the character of the animals I am portraying.



Separation 3 by A J Gray

A J Gray


Size: 30" by 15"
Edition - Hand Edition 1/15

Although A J Gray did not take up painting until 1976 he is entirely self taught and was drawn in his early twenties towards the works of Dali, Magritte, Escher and Vasarely with a particular interest in puzzles and geometrics. Having decided early in his career to find a method of working that was entirely different from current trends and to fill a gap as an outsider he decided to work in a graphic style and that every work would be finished by hand. Not being mainstream the artist was always concerned that he kept to his own language regardless of acceptance by the establishment. He calls his own movement Spiritual Logic - using art as a communication about the world around us and the world within us and its infinite possibilities.



Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk by Gerard Mansell

Gerard Mansell

Size: 28cm by 23.5cm
Edition - Original (1987)

Mansell was born in Paris to an English father and Parisian mother. He was educated at the Lycée Hoche (Versailles), the Lycée Buffon (Paris) and l'Ecole des Sciences Politiques. He moved to the UK in the late 1930s and attended the Chelsea School of Art; his paintings were of sufficient quality to be exhibited at the Royal Academy.

He joined the BBC in 1951, starting in the foreign news department eventually becoming deputy Director General.




Boat at Ortakent by Tina Bolton

Tina Bolton


Size: 24" by 16"
Edition - 1/1
Medium - Photographic Canvas


Tina Bolton is a pioneering photographer and artist, professional since 2003 she led the way in changing how we viewed pregnancy as an art form in itself.  She enjoys surprising us with new ideas and viewpoints of the world that don’t always contain people!




'CDeeper' by Samo



Artist based in Petersfield, Hampshire. Samo is a local artist who specialises in abstract painting and design, in all manner of media.

Samo studied fine art where her fearless passion for exploring abstract forms and colour developed into the striking personal style which makes Samo’s work so captivating today.

Samo now focuses on both large and small scale works and she is equally likely to be found painting a decorative glass window or garage door as she is a canvas.

Samo continues to move forward and is currently applying her unique ‘abstract splashing" style onto willing flesh canvases through the medium of tattooing. Samo is working at Kiss My Ink tattoo studio in Petersfield alongside other exceptional fine artists.



Imperial Walker by JJ Adams

JJ Adams


Size: 41.5" x 35.5"
Edition - 94/95 hand signed
Medium - Large print with double mount (white on black) and a white step frame


JJ Adams is a new media and mixed media artist from South West England currently living and working in London.

The rebellious son of a baptist preacher, JJ emigrated as a child from Plymouth in the UK to Cape Town in South Africa in the early eighties. He spent much of his youth around the studio of South African contemporary artist Derric van Rensburg, where he discovered his love of bright colour and graphic art. JJ studied graphic design at Cape College while working as a part-time apprentice in `Wildfire Tattoos` a busy tattoo studio in central Cape Town while also working part-time as backstage crew for international bands visiting South Africa after the end of the Apartheid era. JJ finally returned to the UK in the mid-nineties with the aim of becoming a tattoo artist.

JJ moved back to Plymouth to further study commercial printing at the Plymouth College of Art and Design. Over the next several years he worked as a self taught graphic designer in the South West of England and moved into custom sign making while experimenting with art in his spare time. In 2009 after selling a few of his acrylic paintings through a local gallery he decided it was time to move back to London and finally pursue his art career.



Underneath the Waves by Shaun Remington

Shaun Remington


Size: 46cm by 36cm
Edition - Original
Medium - Mixed


"Working from my studio in Leeds I utilise unusual processes and systems of painting to create bodies of work that are anonymous yet specific, where narratives are broken down and incomplete. I work with both the objective reality of found images and subjective abstraction, with one often leading to the other through process driven painting. This particular painting is built on pure abstraction with the painting process imbuing the work with a dynamic sense of a state of change."







The Grandson by Mike Bowman

Mike Bowman


Size: 43.5cm by 28cm
Edition - Original (2011)
Medium - Mixed

Growing up in the North East, with its industrial landscapes and contrasting hill and moorland, inspired Michael’s early interest in painting. Throughout his university and working life, he has explored different media of paint and latterly, ceramics. More recently he has explored 3D mixed media studies showing unusual scenes based around rock faces and cliffs with hidden images and miniature tableaux. His architectural training has given him a great love of model making and structural form, hence the 3D experiments. The textures in the pictures can be touched and felt as well as being appreciated by sight.











We will shortly be uploading more donated artworks to be exhibited and sold at auction to raise vital funds to help children with eye cancer. To find out more about Art4Eyes and how you can donate your art to help children and babies with eye cancer click here.

Running Events

Bupa Great North Run  (13.1 miles) - 13th September 2015


Places for this iconic run are at a premium so if you are interested in applying for a guaranteed 5 CHECT place then drop me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an email explaining why you’d like to do it, your connection to CHECT and how you would go about raising the £750 sponsorship!

If you are successful in obtaining a ballot place and would like to run for CHECT we will send you a fundraising pack, CHECT running shirt or vest and meet you at the finish with flapjacks!

Whatever your reasons for signing up to the Great North Run for CHECT to complete a personal challenge or as part of the journey towards a healthier lifestyle, the Bupa Great North Run is the ultimate mass participation running experience!


The 2014 run – thank you to our fabulous runners!


The forecast may have said 15 degrees but when the sun came out it was very hot! The course is hilly and many of our runners found this hard in the heat.  Although they all had trained for hills if you’ve never run the course you don’t appreciate howexhausting this is. All runners were buoyed along by the many thousands of spectators lining the route. A huge thank you to:

Andy Sanderson, Justyn and Joanne Faulkner, Mark Percival and Narelle Flewers, Steve Ingram, Margaret Sinclair and Dawn Sharpe


London Marathon

Many of our members take part in running events all over the UK, from 5k to full marathons, let us know if you'd like to take up the challenge and we can help you find the right event.

Click here to see our fabulous Marathon Runners of 2014

For the more ambitious athlete we have a limited number of Gold Bond London Marathon places available each year. Contact Fiona at CHECT on 020 7377 5578.

My Story - Charlene Williams

Jacob Wright playing in the sand

Jacob was diagnosed with Rb in August 2013, when he was just 12 weeks old.

As with every parent who finds out their baby has something wrong, our world came crashing down. He had his eye removed a week later, and was to start chemotherapy two weeks after that. In such a short space of time we had to learn about general anaesthetics, port-a-caths, chemo, blood counts, artificial eyes and laser therapy.

I just wanted to scream.

Being a new mum and having your three-month-old diagnosed with cancer was all too much.  My sister Sophie told me about the Carrots Nightwalk just after Jacob's diagnosis and we signed up straightaway. I didn't have a clue what I was signing myself up for, I just jumped at the chance of a distraction, something else to focus on while the rest of me was falling to pieces.

My mum and best friend Adele signed up with us and we went on a fundraising frenzy. I hadn't told anyone about Jacob and what was happening, so announcing it through sharing our Just Giving page was a quick and easy way to do it and really get people interested and sponsoring us.

There were obviously lots of questions and people asking about Rb and how else they could help and going over it to everyone was tiring, but I just went into autopilot. It was really important to me for Jacob to be surrounded by positive, happy parents, the same ones he had known for the first three months of his life. We just got on with the treatments and hospital trips as though they were completely normal and that's what our life was.

Charlene Williams with friends at the Carrots Nightwalk in 2013

People's generosity was absolutely unbelievable. I expected people to donate one or two pounds each and raise around £200 in total. When I woke up the next day and we had already received over £500 in sponsors, I almost had a heart attack. It was so emotional reading everyone's messages they would leave but it really made me see how amazing people can be. The sponsors kept on coming and by the day of the walk we were up to over £6000.

The walk was really good fun and I met some amazing people who really helped me see that life does go on and you don't have to let Rb ruin your life. I have stayed in touch with a couple of mums and look forward to seeing everyone again at the walk this year.  We have still got a really long way to go before Jacob will be given the all clear but fundraising, raising awareness and chatting to other families going through the same really does make it a little bit easier.

You can read more about Jacob's journey through Charlene's blog, Through Jacob's Eyes at

Carrots nightwalk logoIf you'd like to help raise funds for CHECT like Charlene, you could register to take part in this year's Carrots Nightwalk here.

How your company can help

Eye cancer will alter the lives of not just the child affected, but parents, siblings, extended family, schools, friends and the wider community.  So although rare, this cancer will have touched a very wide audience and the sporadic nature means it could affect anyone in the future.  This is why your staff, customers and clients will be able to relate to our cause.

Charity partnerships

Let us help you to fulfil your corporate social responsibility and marketing objectives through an extensive and varied range of fundraising activities.  Join in with a World Record Breaking skydive or create some amazing cakes to sale we will work with you to develop an exciting calendar of events to engage everyone in your team.  Linking in a communication plan we will create a partnership, offering excellent fundraising, PR and team building opportunities

Give as you Earn

Give As You Earn sometimes known as Payroll Giving allows anyone in the company to make a donation quickly and easily directly from their salary.  As the donation is deducted from the gross amount, it means a £5 donation costs the donor £4.

If your not already signed up to this scheme, contact the Charities Aid Foundation, on 01732 520000 or visit their website.


Achieve great brand awareness amongst your customers, and our supporters, by sponsoring one of our exciting projects or events.  Our plans include an exclusive art exhibition, members’ weekend and an open water swim in Windermere.  Or we can work with you to create your own sponsored event.

Cause Related Marketing

The results of a survey run by Business in the Community showed the important place of CRM.

86% of consumers are more likely to buy a product that is associated with a cause or issue;

73% of consumers would switch brands; and

64% of consumers feel that cause related marketing should be a standard part of a company's business practice.

Together we can create a CRM partnership that will connect with customers, gain a great presence in the community and engage with new audiences, whilst raising funds and awareness to fight eye cancer.

Pro bono support/gifts in kind

Your skills and expertise could help CHECT reduce costs and support more families that so desperately need our help.  Whether it is design and print, training and skill sharing, a powerful introduction or a one off gift any of these has a considerable value to our team.


Volunteering opportunities


Does your company offer staff a volunteering day/s each year? - Here are some ideas about how you could use yours to help CHECT.

Join a cheering squad at the Virgin London Marathon

Bag Packing at you nearest supermarket is a great way to raise funds and raise awareness.  You would need to get a few of your colleagues involved as well as a minimum group of 10 is required.


Arrange a bucket collection at your local supermarket or station or ask local businesses and shops if they would have a collection tin on their counter for the year.


What ever you chose to do, CHECT staff will be there with support and advice all the way through.


To discuss any of the above, or your own ideas, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  212. Resources
  213. Information
  214. Grandparents
  215. Beyond Rb
  216. Visually impaired
  217. Unilateral
  218. Bilateral
  219. Enucleation
  220. Radiotherapy
  221. Intra-arterial chemo
  222. Chemotherapy
  223. My story
  224. Visits from medical professionals
  225. Grants for equipment
  226. Statementing
  227. Special educational needs and visual impairment
  228. Caring for my child's eyes in school
  229. Time out for treatments
  230. Dino/Tino/other visual aids
  231. Sports goggles/protective glasses
  232. Monocular vision
  233. Artificial eyes
  234. What shall I tell my child's school?
  235. Starting nursery/school
  236. Meet-ups and linking
  237. Financial help
  238. Benefits of membership
  239. Your support worker
  240. Getting help
  241. Visual impairment
  242. Artificial eyes and implants
  243. After treatment
  244. Radioactive plaque
  245. Radiotherapy
  246. Enucleation
  247. Intra-arterial chemotherapy (or melphalan)
  248. Chemotherapy
  249. Laser
  250. Cryotherapy
  251. Treatment
  252. How can I help my child?
  253. Just diagnosed
  254. About retinoblastoma (Rb)
  255. Childhood Eye Cancer Trust - retinoblastoma support and information
  256. Signs and symptoms
  257. About us
  258. Professionals
  259. Beginners
  260. Getting Help
  261. Parents
  262. Childhood eye cancer trust
  263. Parameters
  264. Sample Sites
  265. The Joomla! Community
  266. The Joomla! Project
  267. Upgraders
  268. Using Joomla!